Holidays in the Americas

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Europeans are truly blessed when it comes to planning their holidays: they live on one of the most spectacular continents in the world and have access to great skiing, beaches and cultural attractions. Yet variety is the spice of life and it is always worth travelling further afield to get an idea of something a bit different. One place to visit in particular is the Americas – a huge area which has a few great places which must be seen.

Canada is one of the most scenic countries in the world, and one of the largest. This means that you can find a huge variety of activities and vistas that will make your holiday truly special. The country has several major cities which are well worth visiting, however, what really stands out are the outdoor adventures you can have: Canadians are an outdoorsy bunch and you can find lots of different fun things to do. In the east coast you can embark on a canoe trip through Algonquin Park, while the west coast is home to great hiking and skiing. Even the largely flat central plains of this great nation are dotted with wonderful scenic rivers and lakes which can be explored. Come here with a good pair of hiking boots and spend some time in the great outdoors.

For a fantastic cultural experience you can head down to Brazil in South America. This country is developing at an incredibly rapid pace and it may prove to be a very significant nation in the coming years – aside this economic growth sits a vibrant and passionate culture. Travel to its stunning capital of Rio de Janeiro and witness its incredible Carnival. The country also offers some great eco-tourism as it is home to the Amazon forest where you can go on great tours.

The two options mentioned above are great for adults looking for adventure and exploration, but the Americas offer something for families as well: great sunny retreats like the Dominican Republic are a perfect alternative to a trip to Greece or Spain. The Dominican Republic is a Caribbean island dotted with many lovely hotels perched on beautiful white sand beaches. The weather here is almost always above 25° Celsius, and many resorts have lots of activities to keep kids occupied – this makes Dominican Republic holidays perfect for a week of some sunny relaxation with the whole family. Of course there are many different islands in the Caribbean and places like Antigua and St. Lucia have a similar appeal.

The  Americas  are a wonderful place to  travel  and it is definitely worth checking out these three countries. That said there is no need to focus on just this part of the world – the point is that there is a whole world out there and there’s no need to confine your travels to Europe. Great trips to Asia, Australia, and the Pacific Islands await – and with cheap air fares readily available there is no reason not to get out there and explore the world’s fantastic, far-flung destinations.


Smart Budget Travel Ideas For Summer Holidays


The summer  holidays  are fast approaching and chances are that you haven’t been able to save up a lot of money for your  travels  this year. It’s a tough time in the economy but that doesn’t mean that you have to stay home all summer and sulk. There are several smart option for enjoy travel on a budget this summer.

Smart budget  travel  options for this year’s summer  holidays  include:

o Work abroad. You can spend the summer doing a little bit of work in exchange for the opportunity to get away from home. Although many of the formal work abroad programs are probably filled up for the summer, you can apply to get regular jobs such as working as a nanny or tending bar. Your work will offset the cost of travel and you’ll get the chance to see how people really live in the country that you’re visiting.

o Volunteer vacations. If you can’t find a job then perhaps you can volunteer your time. There are many organizations through which you can volunteer anywhere from a few days through the entire summer. In exchange, you’ll get room and board and the opportunity to travel while helping others. Organic farms are one example of a place that you can do this type of volunteer traveling.

o House-sitting. If you can find a place to house sit for someone who is traveling elsewhere then all that you need to find money for is the cost of the ticket to get there. Check formal house-sitting programs and classified ads to find this type of opportunity.

o Visit family and friends. If you know people around the world who have a couch that you can crash on then you can enjoy some really affordable traveling this summer. Ask around to see who is going to be available and would like to have your company. You’d be surprised how many friends would be happy to take you with them to visit their families.

o Be a tourist in your own town. If you truly can’t find a way to get away then pretend that you have by doing touristy things in your own area. Visit the museums, parks and landmarks that you never bother to see. Take lots of pictures. Invite people to come visit you.

Be smart about your travel this summer. Don’t spend a lot of money at your destination and try one of the above methods for covering the cost of travel itself. Do that and you should have terrific holidays without digging yourself into debt.


Cheap Holidays in the Algarve


a cheap holiday in the Algarve is within the reach of most of us. Strong competition amongst travel and tour operators such as Thomsons, Airtours, First Choice and others have made this destination both affordable and good value.

This well established, though still up and coming, area, is located on the south end of Portugal right on the west tip of Europe, the fabulous scenery includes golden beaches and typical Mediterranean vistas.

Discover the multitude golden sandy beaches such as those of Praia do Zavial and Praia da Ingrina in the heart of Costa Vicentina, with crystal clear water that offers a variety of water sports and wonderful year round weather(with temperatures ranging from 16C – 30C in the summer), good cuisine, fine Portuguese wines that are reasonably priced and historical landmarks.

Golfing is one of the major attractions in Portugal, particularly the Algarve area, competing with the Spanish Costa’s to be Europe’s premier golfing destination. If you enjoy golf but despair at the UK climate then why not experience one of the twenty-five top golf courses including the Palares Golf Resort in Lagos or the oldest course in the Algarve, the Vilamoura golf Resort.

The most popular holiday tourist locations in the Algarve without doubt are: Albuferia, Pria Da Rocha, Lagos and Vilamoura.

Praia Da Rocha – is one of the Algarve’s oldest holiday resorts, with some of the most dramatic rock formations on this part of the coast, that has a tree lined promenade that house lively bars, restaurants and boutiques, makes it a favourite hot spot in the Algarve. Transfer time from Faro Airport is Approximately 2 Hours, places of interest include the Fortress of Santa Catarina de Ribamar and the Ochre cliffs and rocks sculpted into fantastical shapes.

Albuferia – has lovely sandy beaches, a wide variety of bars and restaurants; waterspouts are available at Praia d’ Oura. It has excellent nightlife activities, transfer time from Faro Airport is Approximately 1 hour 20 minutes. A good selection of fantastic beaches extend east and west from the town. Praia de Balaia, Praia de Castelo, Praia de Falésia, Praia de Galé, de Olhos d’Agua, Praia de Maria Luisa, and Praia de São Rafael, being the best ones.

Lagos – Excellent Beaches, pedestrianised cobbled street, lively night life, excellent restaurants and bars, beautiful scenery and historical landmarks to visit, transfer time from Faro Airport is approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes. Though now an important tourist town there are still many architectural signs of its ancient past, the most famous being a building dating originally back to around 1445 which is recorded as being Europe’s first building used as a slave market.

Vilamoura – One of the most popular Algarve holiday resorts, with a sophisticated marina and shopping complex a wide expansive beach and championship golf courses. Lively nightlife, beautiful landscape, wide variety of bars and restaurants serving local produce, there is also plenty of sports and leisure facilities. Approximate transfer time from Faro airport 30 minutes. Note: Vilamoura is the name given to an area rather than to any actual town. It is actually one of the largest single tourist resorts in Europe and covers over 2.000 hectares of land.


Holiday Travel – Staying Alert


 Traveling  during the  holidays  is extremely exciting and there is a lot going on all around you. Nonetheless, it is extremely important that you stay alert so you will not be involved in a collision or become a victim of theft. You will see a lot of criminals that target holiday travelers as they know they’re likely to have cash on them and they aren’t usually being attentive to their environment.

Accidents may take place anywhere during  holiday   travel  so you ought to be prepared for the unexpected. On no account speed when you are driving and make sure you’ve your seat belt on. Allow at least one automobile length between you and also the person before you. Ought to they have to brake rapidly you don’t like to rear end them or finish up being hit by the vehicle to back you up.

Pay close attention for animals crossing the road as they could be a hazard. Even though you do not like to hit them, slamming on your brakes or swerving can lead to an accident. In the event you do need to swerve usually go to the right so you will be off the road in place of into oncoming visitors.

There will in all probability be people along the side of the road that have been involved in accidents or their vehicles have deteriorated. If you decide to stop and help them be extremely careful of the traffic that’s coming along. If you determine to keep going you should switch lanes if feasible or at least move over as far as possible. You don’t want to accidentally hit somebody that is walking around on the path.

Although it is human nature to be compassionate and to attempt to help others you ought to be cautious. Scams often occur during  holiday   travel  and you may encounter people asking for money or a ride. Trust your instincts and if you do not really feel comfortable with the circumstances you should leave. You are able to always use your cellular phone to call the local authorities to give them a hand.

Never drive when you are too tired to focus your attention on the road. Too many individuals  traveling  for the  holidays  haven’t gotten sufficient rest in the process. Don’t kid your self into thinking that a soda or several cups of coffee are going to keep you awake. Driving while you’re tired increases your chances of making mistakes and also prolongs your reaction times.

Whether you’re driving yourself or taking another method of transportation, you ought to maintain watch over your items. Do not become prey to having your luggage, purse, or wallet stolen by someone because you left it unattended. Men should keep their wallet in their front pocket and ladies should keep their purses over their head across the shoulder and to the opposite arm.

If you are traveling with a spouse or other adult it is a great idea for every of you to carry some money and a credit card with you. This way if someone does get your materials you will not be completely without access to other varieties of payment you may require. It is also a great concept for each of you to carry a copy of the itinerary with confirmation numbers. This way you’re likely to have 1 copy if the other gets lost. It’s also useful in the event you get separated in a crowded airport.

 Traveling  throughout the  holidays  maybe enjoyable and a great technique to get far from your daily routine. Follow these suggestions to assist keep yourself alert so you can have the extremely greatest time feasible. Most accidents are the result of individuals being tired or being in too much of a hurry so get sufficient rest and take your time to arrive safely. Usually pay close attention to your individual belongings and report any suspicious behaviors you may encounter.


World Travel – Holiday Gone Bad


There are a lot of reported cases of tempting holidays gone really, really bad. People, who got to the destination and found out that the hotels were miserable or that there simply were no hotels where they should have been, people who had to pay a lot of extra money for things they already paid for and so on.

So in order to prevent these unfortunate happenings you’d better start looking for a travel agent who will help you to make the best decision that meets your desires when it comes to traveling somewhere. Find an agent who has a lot of experience and can determine scams in time. He should be a person you fully trust as in his hands lies your long wanted holiday.

Before deciding for one, ask about his reputation. If possible, contact some of his former clients and check if they had things going for them as they wanted or who knows, even better. Choose and agent who can meet all your conditions, involving destination, hotel, family accommodation, prices for your budget and any special needs. Think outside the box: bigger aren’t necessarily better. You can get really good service from smaller agencies as well.

Check if the agent is available anytime in case of an emergency. You have to rely on him that he will solve any issues that might occur. Look for someone with whom you’ll be able to establish a long time relationship, someone nice who isn’t interested just to take your money but who is committed to his job and tries as hard as he can to make you happy. He has to be up to date with the best offers and prices.

Having a good agent means that you will be able to save some money, time and you’ll get to your wanted destination having your mind relaxed.


Christmas Is an American Holiday


In colonial times Christmas was frowned upon in New England and observed mostly as a private feast in mid-Atlantic and Southern colonies. The strait-laced New England Puritans, partially motivated by anti-Catholic sentiment, banned Christmas in 1659 under the guise that the holiday was pagan and that it encouraged decadence. Colonial Americans celebrated a Christmas that contained both religious and secular elements thus establishing a uniquely balanced American approach to faith. Christmas harkens back to the ancient Roman celebration of the Saturnalia, a day in which all Romans, Emperor and slave, addressed each other on a first name basis.

Christmas was not celebrated by colonial Puritans, Presbyterians, Baptists and Quakers but it was observed by Anglicans, Dutch Reformed, Lutherans and Catholics. Drawing from various old world traditions, Christmas in colonial America included bells, mistletoe, yule logs, wreaths, eggnog, gingerbread, and various Christmas foods. The Dutch settlers of New York contributed Sinter Klass and baked deserts. Christmas was a time for charity and for giving gifts to the poor. George Washington and other southern plantation owners were known to host lavish Christmas parties. Southerners of all economic levels celebrated raucous Christmas parties that included firing muskets into the air, banging pots, drinking, feasting, playing games, and generally taking time off from work. Bands of mummers, or folk-singers, dressed in costume, would roam Colonial towns on Christmas Eve caroling, acting in skits, and making revelry.

Christmas was proclaimed a federal holiday by an executive order that was signed into law by President Ulysses S. Grant, June 26, 1870. Since that time, Christmas has been confirmed into law by various acts of Congress and by the States. The legality of Christmas as a federal holiday has never been challenged in any American court. The American tradition has been to observe the religious aspects of Christmas in church or in the home and the secular aspects in various public forms.

There should, therefore, be no controversy around the celebration of Christmas. Indeed wishing someone a Merry Christmas should be viewed as American as wishing someone a happy Fourth of July. The general theme of Christmas as it has come to be defined, “Peace on earth, good-will toward men” is a universal theme at ought to be embraced. But what about the undeniable Christian nature of Christmas? Is it appropriate for our secular government to officially recognize what is essentially a religious holiday? The answer, to a degree, is yes.

It is an undeniable fact of history that America has been and largely remains a Christian nation. Indeed, by not establishing Christianity as a state religion, and by establishing a system of government and a society that respects religious differences and that considers all citizens to be equal under the law, America is, by its nature, a Christian nation. Christianity, unlike Islam and certain other religions, and unlike the secular political faiths of Nazism and Communism, involves a personal relationship between the believer and Jesus.

While historically Christianity has been used from time to time by secular political leaders and movements as a vehicle to obtain and enhance state power, Christianity, per se, rejects this notion. Indeed, Jesus established in his ministry the separation of church and state. Carrying forth the moral and ethical precepts of the Torah, Jesus recognized that rights emanate from the creator and not from the state.

It is indeed our Christian heritage that has made us the most successful and prosperous society ever established in human history. It is, therefore, entirely appropriate and fitting that we, as Americans, celebrate Christmas and by doing so honor and reflect upon our Christian heritage.


Luxury Holidays – Travel Agents, Timeshare Or Vacation Clubs


The travel industry is a now a $7 trillion global annual market, one of the biggest and most important markets available. Everybody loves  holidays  and as more money is generated in the emerging markets then the  travel  industry is going to grow and grow. How do you best take advantage of this burgeoning holiday market? Well, there are a number of options available including using travel agents, buying a timeshare or joining a vacations club and in this article I will try and explain the differences and compare the three modes.

Travel Agents:

 Travel  agents have been around a long time and can look after your  holiday  requirements from flight only, hotel / condominiums, package holidays, car rentals in fact just about any holiday requirement you may have.  Travel  agents are commission based so they make their profit from the difference between the cost of the  holiday  to them and what they sell the holiday on to you for.  Travel  agents offer a one stop option for all your  holiday  requirements, however many of them are tied to large  travel  organisations who will try to push their own offerings and through this increase their profitability which may mean increased costs for the travelling public.


Timeshare goes back many years where companies bought or built high quality  holiday  complexes and then sold weeks to the  travelling  public. These companies mushroomed and timeshare became a major force in the industry. Their appeal increased as timeshare owners were able to join timeshare exchange clubs and swap their weeks at a complex in one country to a complex in anther country. Timeshare developed a number of drawbacks. Firstly they were expensive to join however the value of your timeshare dropped dramatically after your purchase making it difficult to sell your timeshare if you wanted to. In addition with timeshare you bought weeks at different levels, red usually being the most expensive as this was for a week in peak season. When you swapped your timeshare in one of the exchange clubs you could only swap for weeks at a similar season or lower. The other major drawback that came with timeshare is the weekly maintenance costs. Whether you use the timeshare week or not you are still liable for the weekly maintenance cost.

Vacation Clubs

Vacation clubs were brought into being to give their members access to  travel  and  holidays  without the drawbacks of timeshare and without the high profits required by the  Travel  Agents. Vacation clubs buy holidays at heavily discounted prices and then sell these to their members, usually with last minute deals where the greatest discounts are found. There are no ongoing costs with vacation clubs however there can be a high initial one off cost to join, although new entrants are tending to drive this one off cost down the way. Vacation Clubs do not have seasons, once you are a member you can purchase holidays anywhere and at any time and if you do not use the club there are no ongoing charges. One of the benefits of vacation clubs is the opportunity to sell club memberships to others which effectively means that by selling a few memberships you can recoup your initial investment. Again you have to be sure in joining a club that they can offer you the locations and resorts that you will want to holiday in and that you can take advantage of the Club multiple times a year.

In conclusion, there are benefits and drawbacks to all three options.  Travel  agents are a good one stop shop for either multiple or one off  holidays  but you do pick up the cost of the profits for the  travel  company. Timeshares are a good option if you like to holiday at specific times of the year and you enjoy the complex and location where you have bought your weeks. You do need to take into account ongoing maintenance costs and your ability to easily swap your weeks for stays in different locations. Vacation Clubs can be great value but you do need to realise that you are picking up the upfront cost to join. If you like to take multiple holidays a year to different locations then a Vacation Club could be the option for you. In addition if you like the idea of using this as a home business and get the value of low cost holidays then this may be another attraction for you. You do need to do your research and ensure that your Vacation Club has the variety to look after all your holiday requirements and not just one niche.

The internet has obviously had a dramatic affect on the travel industry. This has given the general public the opportunity to easily buy flights, rental cars and hotels over the internet and has certainly brought prices down. There are drawbacks in that if you are trying buy a complete holiday you can be jumping form site to site and try and pull the whole package together. You also have to be careful with buying directly over the Internet as your legal rights are different from other purchase options. Certainly, for flights only, it is very hard to see past the internet but you need to be aware what travel protection you are covered by.


Top Highlights to Take in on Route 66 Holidays


Driving along what remains of the famous Route 66 is one of the most popular American road trip holidays among travellers – so what are the main things to see and do on this epic journey?

The highway was originally constructed in the 1920s and runs for over 2,400 miles between Illinois and California – passing through six other states with a host of attractions to choose from on its way from the heart of the USA towards the sun-drenched west coast.

If you opt for a fly drive USA holiday – where you hop on a plane to the country before taking to the roads in a hired car – you can easily begin your journey in Chicago. The city is renowned for sights such as the Willis Tower, which is a dizzying 1,450 feet high and is the western hemisphere’s tallest building.

You might also want to explore the fun-filled Navy Pier and its various rides and cruises across Lake Michigan before relaxing in one of Chicago’s many jazz clubs in the evening.

Next, begin your Route 66 journey proper by heading to Grant Park, which is where the road officially begins. The park is an attraction in itself and the area harbours several museums that are worth a visit before you drive off towards Springfield, the state capital of Illinois.

The city is best known for being Abraham Lincoln’s birthplace and has plenty of related sights to take in as a result. Just a few of these include the Lincoln Tomb and the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum and Library, along with other sites of interest such as the Old State Capitol.

Drive on along Route 66 and you’ll eventually enter Missouri, which is home to another city called Springfield. The destination is a great base from which to see the beautiful Missouri Ozark Mountains and find out more about Route 66’s history through the old shop fronts that have been preserved from the road’s golden era.

When you get to Oklahoma City, you’ll have the chance to delve into the USA’s Native American and cowboy culture, as well as local history. Top places to visit include the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum and the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, along with quirkier attractions such as the American Banjo Museum.

As you head towards Texas, you’ll be able to see more of the Old West. Stop off in Amarillo and visit a working ranch, or perhaps take in the amazing spectacle of a rodeo in full swing. You should also seize the opportunity to see the Palo Duro Canyon State Park, which harbours one of America’s largest canyons and spans almost 30,000 acres of land.

For more spectacular scenery, make Tucumcari in New Mexico your next Route 66 stop. You can see some gorgeous sunsets here, as well as various monuments, murals and grand mesas. Don’t forget to head to the Tucumcari Convention Center, outside which you can find a huge sculpture designed by Tom Coffin to honour Route 66.

Pass through Santa Fe – the second oldest city in the US – and Albuquerque before driving into Arizona, where top sights include the eerie Petrified Forest National Park and the world-famous Grand Canyon.

The canyon’s huge scale means it encompasses a wide variety of wildlife and scenery, as well offering plenty of activities. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not go whitewater rafting for a few days, or perhaps take things slightly easier with some backcountry hiking?

After you’ve seen the Grand Canyon, your next stop is likely to be Nevada. Spend a couple of days in Las Vegas and get a taste of the glamorous lifestyle that you usually only see in films. While gambling is the main attraction of the city, you can have just as good a time watching musicals and concerts or simply admiring the surrounding desert scenery.

The final stretch of your road trip will take you into California. Don’t pass up the chance to spend some time in exciting Los Angeles before reaching the very end of Route 66. Once you’ve parked up in Santa Monica, take some time to relax and thoroughly enjoy the last day of your Route 66 holiday by visiting its 3.5 miles of beaches, going shopping and seeing attractions such as the city’s various farmers’ markets and Santa Monica Pier.


Traveling America Cruises Style


Looking for a cruise that won’t break the bank and will ensure that you enjoy the best of travel? You don’t have to look very far as you can take advantage of the America Cruises experience that waits for you. America Cruises is a small ship cruise line that has you covered for over 9 destinations around the country like Florida, Maine, and Chesapeake Bay. And you don’t even have to suffer traveling with too many people which make the trip all that more personalized for you.

When it comes to travelers, America Cruises knows how to treat them best. It may be that you are only going around to places within the country, but the services, amenities, activities, and entertainment programs with America Cruises will have you believing that you are actually on an international cruise. This is the kind of experience that waits for you. An all-American crew just makes the trip even more worthwhile as you will not bump into any communication barriers.

Step on board and you will see what it means to truly enjoy an American Cruises holiday. You will get your hands on some of the best facilities that rival those of huge luxury liners. Their activities will also keep you wanting for more as you have fun learning about the different destinations that you are bound for. And if you just want to kill time and relax, then do it while watching life go by on the open deck or glass-closed lounge. You can even enjoy a dining experience that you would expect at a five-star restaurant as their well-trained chefs serve you up a menu that will keep your mouth watering for more.


Go America Discounts


Taking an annual holiday is seen as being absolutely vital by many people and it can certainly provide us with the chance to relax. This can be really important, particularly if you work in a job where you face a lot of daily pressure.

Some people overlook the importance of taking time away from our working lives. That’s a shame, because a holiday can be a great way to unwind and also to prepare yourself for future weeks and months. It’s strange to think that a break could actually make you more productive at work but there can be no doubt that it has the potential to do so.

One of the hardest tasks facing you may be deciding on where to visit. This used to be a much easier decision, partly because we once had much less choice.

The arrival of cheap flights and the ease with which we can now book holidays online has meant that more and more of us look to travel to destinations that once would have simply been too costly. These price reductions in recent years have certainly been welcomed.

Prices have tended to fall fastest in the case of destinations where there are numerous travel companies competing with each other. Trips between the UK and the United States are a good example of this.

There have always been plenty of people looking to cross the Atlantic, meaning that operators have been forced to keep prices low in order to stay in business. This is great news for those of us looking to fly to the US and maybe stay there for a few weeks.

When you come to make a holiday booking there are various approaches that you might take. Some people like to book their flights, accommodations and transfers independently. Others prefer to book a package holiday, feeling that these offer the best deals.

Online companies like Go America now offer some really significant discounts on all elements of such holiday bookings. Use the internet to research your holiday destinations and to find the best deals that are currently available.