Planning Your Ski Travel Holidays

[ad_1] Planning your ski  travel   holidays  may at first seem to be relatively straight forward, however when considering the vast amount of and diverse choices one has in terms of the various ski  travel   holidays  options, you will quickly come to realize that there is no shortage of options available. Making the right choices in … Continue reading “Planning Your Ski Travel Holidays”


Planning your ski  travel   holidays  may at first seem to be relatively straight forward, however when considering the vast amount of and diverse choices one has in terms of the various ski  travel   holidays  options, you will quickly come to realize that there is no shortage of options available. Making the right choices in terms of destinations will also impact upon whether or not you will be able to fully appreciate the venue and amenities when you take your level of skill and capabilities into account.

The successful planning and booking of any ski  travel   holidays  requires specific destination knowledge and experience, often times something which only a seasoned traveler will be able to provide. One also has the option of doing some research via travel magazines, travel agents and even online when looking to plan this type of vacation.

There are a number of destinations that are available when it comes to catering to all types or levels of skill on the slopes, and across the world too. North  America , within the United States and Canada offer some spectacular options when considering ski  travel   holidays . Some of the top rated areas that are accessible to the various level of skill include Aspen, Breckenridge and Crested Butte in Colorado with the state of Utah also providing a number of great options for ski  travel   holidays  too. The Canadian offerings of Blackcombe and Whistler are exceptional and one would have come to appreciate these destinations within the recent Winter Olympics coverage of these regions. Naturally there are many options within the North American travel destinations that can be considered beyond the ones herein mentioned.

Europe has a wide variety and diversity of destinations when it comes to options available for planning any ski  travel   holidays , moreover there is a destination for virtually any type of budget too. Bulgaria, Poland, Russia, Slovakia and some of the other Eastern European countries offer great value, in terms of a more limited budget, and although some might say that the amenities are not as good as those of the more established French and Austrian options, they certainly are sufficient enough to allow for a great skiing or snowboarding holiday option.

Besides the mentioned and albeit traditional options of the European or North American ski  travel   holidays  and destinations available some of the lesser known options include the likes of Indian, Australia and various regions within South  America . All of these areas are slowly building up a reputation of quality and commitment to providing a great experience and option when it comes to planning vacations of this nature.


Train Travel on Holiday Across America


Have you ever wanted to travel across the United States on a train? Well, most people do not realize that it is actually possible now. Industrial goods are one of the first things that come to my mind when thinking of the current conditions of the rail road industry. The reason is because passenger trains are relatively few and far between in comparison. However, Amtrak was first introduced in May of 1971. Amtrak is a reference to the corporation ran by the government that is responsible for the American Track. This is the largest and perhaps one of only a few passenger train agencies in America.

Amtrak is actually relatively big. It has almost 19,000 employees and the tracks cover 21,000 miles (33,800 km). With over 500 destinations and covering 46 states, it is definitely a viable traveling method. The year 2007 was a good one for Amtrak. It saw a 6% increase in the amount of passengers using their service from 2006.

To fully understand the impact of Amtrak you have to go back in history to view the turns that the rail road industry has taken. Almost everyone who understands the history of the United States knows that for about 70 years up until about 1920 if you were going to travel a relatively long distance you would almost always use the rail road. At that point in time, the rail roads were almost all owned privately and were in existence for profit. In fact, there were more rail road passenger cars back then than there are now. According to historians there were about 65,000 passenger cars actively being used in the year 1929.

World War II did, however, make a drastic change in the rail road industry. The government was forced to put fuel consumption restrictions on people in the United States. Almost all fuel was needed for troop movement throughout the war. With that said, many people returned to the rail roads once again to do any traveling at long distances.

After the war though, people began using their cars again for traveling. The rail road industry was failing miserably. By 1946 after the war, there were 45 percent fewer passenger carts being used than there were in 1929. It did not stop there, and the decline even fell greater by 1969 by a drop rate of 80 percent. There were very few trains that generated profits at all and many were producing losses.

Thanks to the government though, the rail road industry was somewhat bailed out through government funding. The federal aid was a sum of $40 million and Amtrak began operations with a $100 million insured loan. Amtrak started slow and by 1981 they were $1.25 billion in debt. Aid to Amtrak has been controversial however, Amtrak is slowly beginning to see profits and the rail road industry is now improving as more people find it as a viable source of traveling.


America’s Destiny Must Prevail

America’s destiny was in heart of God before Christopher Columbus touched American soil. Columbus was a devoted believer in Christ with a sense of mission. He believed his voyage was commissioned by God to carry the light of Christ to undiscovered lands. In his words, “There is no question that the inspiration was from the Holy Spirit.” When he landed in America Columbus planted a cross and dedicated the land to God. With that, America’s destiny was born.

America became a beacon of light throughout the world. Through this Nation the gospel has been preached and the Kingdom of God has been advanced. She has built churches, schools, hospitals, and orphanages at home and abroad in the name of Christ. Missionaries from America span the globe. God has blessed America for her goodness. Today her goodness has diminished and America’s destiny is waning.

America’s Destiny is Threatened by a System of Evil

Across America today Christians stand in disbelief at the current state of this once great nation. A hell-filled system has belched out threats to obliterate every trace of America’s destiny. It seeks to control the White House, Congress, Senate, the Courts, the IRS, the Media, Banking and Educational Systems. It desires to dominate every organization that controls how America thinks, how she is governed, how she learns, how she makes and spends her money, and where her loyalties lie.

This bestial system has worked under a stealth cover in the past. Reckless and self-promoting politicians have been taking the blame for its destructive actions. Politicians are not blameless but a hand bigger than theirs strives to take down America. Greedy candidates filled with hunger for power and control find favor with this beast. They are controlled by it as pawns on the world stage.

Behind these unsuspecting “government servants” is a laser focused system that seeks to destroy everything associated with America’s destiny. It now works in shameless and overt fashion to rob America’s citizens of their liberty, autonomy, wealth, and above all their Christian roots.

Perception tells us that this beast does not possess inherent power and control. It is empowered by an unrelenting, evil with a singular, sinister obsession. His obsession echoes through the ages. It echoes in Genesis, Esther, the Gospels, and Acts. The beast stopped at nothing to destroy God’s people in Nazi Germany. His obsession has been “I will be like the Most High!”

Tolerance in American has Empowered the Beast

America has embraced tolerance and empowered the contemptible beast. Tolerance demands that we honor religions and life-styles that oppose Biblical standards that lie at the foundation of America’s destiny. Don’t rock the boat or oppose another’s beliefs. Through tolerance we are now a nation that accepts everything and challenges nothing.

Embracing tolerance has allowed this prodigious beast to lord itself over America with brute audacity. It has systematically weakened our nation and greatly diminished the strength and potency of our military force and the value of the American dollar. In the name of tolerance adultery, the homosexual lifestyle, and abortion go unchallenged. In fact everything but the Christian Faith with the freedom and liberty it brings is tolerated.

As darkness increases the hope for national recovery diminishes. Our silence has given hell free reign in our country. We ask why God has turned his back on America. In fact we have tied His hands by ignoring His righteous standards. We’ve prayed for mercy without consideration that God opposes the proud. Praying for justice releases the curses of Deuteronomy 28:15-68 into our land. In short America faces destruction because she has opposed His righteous standards. America is in bed with the beast and she has committed every sin of Sodom and Gomorrah. God has kept His promise and visited our sins with justice.

The Christian Response to the Beast Has Been Weak

Christians may argue that they have played no part in the wickedness in our land. Before that argument continues, consider this. Jesus died for our eternal salvation. We are empowered by His Holy Spirit. We are fortified with His mighty Word. He commands us not to be overcome by evil but to overcome evil with good. When we have favored His righteous standards, America’s destiny was assured. Today that destiny is gravely threatened.

Christ has given us every advantage against our foes. Yet the Church cowers before this beast arguing that it is too strong and too well fortified. Hell’s strongholds have kept us from believing in God’s grace to overcome every power that would dare to oppose us. In the face of a raging, growing enemy God’s army has yawned and fallen asleep.

It is Time to Take Back America’s Heritage

Where is the Zeal of David today? When Goliath paralyzed Israel’s army, David did not flinch. He boldly demanded, “Who is this uncircumcised Philistine that threatens the armies of God?” We face the same threat today. Unchallenged this giant will obliterate America’s destiny from the face of the earth. We cannot be silent. The day may come when evil prevails and deep darkness covers the earth. That day is not Today! We must oppose this ruthless, unrelenting beast today before it annihilates our America’s destiny.

2 Chronicles 7:14 commands us to humble ourselves, pray and seek God’s face for America’s destiny to be restored. If we do He will hear us. As we sincerely turn from our wicked ways we will find deliverance.