Top Ten Picks for a Tour of South America

[ad_1] Whether you want a family vacation or a honeymoon, South America is one of the favorite and popular tourist destinations. Of course, with its unique culture and wonderful beaches, it is no wonder that people keep coming back. Here are the top ten picks that will give you your money’s worth. 1.) The Best … Continue reading “Top Ten Picks for a Tour of South America”


Whether you want a family vacation or a honeymoon, South America is one of the favorite and popular tourist destinations. Of course, with its unique culture and wonderful beaches, it is no wonder that people keep coming back. Here are the top ten picks that will give you your money’s worth.

1.) The Best of Buenos Aires

If you are in Argentina, be sure to spend the holiday in Buenos Aires. You can get tours of the capital wherein you will get to see the famous Plaza de Mayo, Casa Rosada, Cabildo, and the City Hall. A visit to the Palermo Park is also a must-see as well as the Colon Theater, Buenos Aires’ famous opera house.

2.) Copacabana Days and Nights

This is another must-go-to place in Bolivia, South America. Experience what it feels like to be a local of this magical place as you wake up to its wonderful sunrise. Remember to visit the Sun Island also and drink from its Sacred Spring. It is said that this spring is a source of eternal life.

3.) Life in Rio de Janeiro

Of course, if you are in Brazil, your top pick will always Rio de Janeiro, a romantic place featured in countless movies and novels. Enjoy its beaches and the wonderful warm sun. At night, you will also get to enjoy its nightlife amidst fun, wine, laughter, and dancing.

4.) Mysterious Easter Island

Chile has the mysterious Easter Island to boast of. This is a place full of mysteries because of its huge stone-faced statues that seems to be guarding the island. Get to visit also Ahu Tongariki, the island’s biggest platform, to enjoy the view of the vast openness of the sea.

5.) Tranquility of Galapagos Island

You can explore Galapagos Island of Ecuador by going on a cruise. But, of course, once you arrived at the island, you should explore it first to experience firsthand its culture, people and food. On the cruise, you will be taken to the tiny islands where sea lions bask under the sun.

6.) Asuncion, Paraguay

This is the capital city of Paraguay and offers a lot to the tourists. They can visit the many plazas and parks the city has to offer, enjoying the influence of the Colonial Spanish era. In the city, you can also visit the Botanical Gardens and a small zoo where you can see a lot of its local floras and faunas.

7.) Cartagena’s Allure

Colombia’s Cartagena is one of the popular destination spots of the country and is fast becoming the most popular. What make it attractive to visitors are its majestic beaches like Boca Grande Beach and little islands like Rosario Islands. In this little island, one can go snorkeling and diving or just plain swimming and enjoying the sun.

8.) Lima, The City of the Kinds

True to its name, Lima does seem like the city of the kings with its wonderful Amazon Rain Forest sheltering its varied faunas and floras. Enjoy your walk in Cuzco’s streets and sample its native foods. It is also a wonderful idea to visit the historical and archeological sites like temples of its native inhabitants of long ago.

9.) Caracas of Venezuela

This is a historical Venezuelan city that anybody can be proud of visiting. In this wonderful place, get to visit the Pantheon, the place where Bolivar lies, and enjoy walking through its Spanish-influenced streets. The city also has a museum where you can get to know more about the history of the place, stores where you can buy your souvenirs and wonderful cafes where you can enjoy Venezuela’s cooking style and unique tastes.

10.) Heavenly Punta Del Este

Who is to say that Uruguay’s beaches cannot top that of Hawaii’s? Punta Del Este is one of the beaches that this country boasts of and is its resort city. Here, you can explore Punta Del Este and meet its local citizens and immerse yourself in their culture.


Germany Travel Tip – Jazz In Quellenpark


On Saturday mornings from June 6th through September 5th, a series of Jazz concerts are held outside of the museum’s barn. The unique atmosphere and warm weather in Old Town, on Hundertwasserhaus, makes the perfect setting for open-air concerts. It is a family friendly atmosphere filled with musical diversity.

On Saturday mornings from June 6th through September 5th, a series of Jazz concerts will be held outside of the town museum’s barn. This unique atmosphere with the warm weather in Old Town makes the perfect setting for open-air concerts. It is a family friendly event filled with musical diversity. The concerts begin at 11:30 a.m. and end at 2:30 p.m., and as always, admission is free.

Jazz am Quellenpark – which also means Jazz at the Source Park, is an enjoyable activity for the whole family. It is reputed as a high-caliber program and should not be missed. While children play on the lawn, parents and grandparents get to enjoy not only the live music, but also cider, a glass of champagne and a hearty snack. There is seating available overlooking the stage, but if one would like to completely relax the only thing you need is a blanket. The stage is set in the beautiful park gardens nestled between the extensive deciduous trees.

This year a varied program is offered to Jazz fans in and around the town of Bad Soden am Taunus. There will be 14 volumes of different Jazz styles — Swing from New Orleans to Big Band sound and contemporary Jazz genres. On opening day, Saturday, June 6, “Echoes of Jazz” will be played.

  • 06/13/2009 Juliana da Silva and the Dornbusch Jazz Trio
  • 06/20/2009 Overall Jazz Gang
  • 06/27/2009 Big Band Erzhausen
  • 07/04/2009 Big Band Idstein
  • 07/11/2009 “Seven@Jazz”
  • 07/18/2009 Golden Age Swingtet
  • 07/25/2009 Mr. Jelly’s Jam Band
  • 08/01/2009 Engelbert Wrobel’s Hot Jazz 3
  • 08/08/2009 Spirit of Louis Armstrong Trio
  • 08/15/2009 Frank Runhoff Quartet
  • 08/22/2009 Frankfurt Jazz Trio
  • 08/29/2009 Jazz Gang
  • 09/05/2009 Charity Jazz concert with the band Wiesbadener Juristenzeitung

This is an example of what you can do in Bad Soden am Taunus while traveling in Germany. If you want learn more about Bad Soden am Taunus we compiled a more comprehensive Bad Soden am Taunus travel guide in collaboration with local residents that provides unique travel insider tips which you can use during you Germany vacation.


The Best Holidays for Thrill Seekers


Many people just want to relax on holiday and read a book by the pool…but that’s not for everyone. Here are a few ideas if you’re looking for more of an adventure this year. And a few of the places you can travel all around the world to have a go at them. These activities aren’t for the faint of heart!

· Go bungee jumping

This is on for true thrill seekers. There are surely few things more exhilarating than plunging from the skies…all within the safety of a harness. A great place to have a go at this is New Zealand. This is not just a beautiful and scenic holiday location, but also the home of invigorating activities! The first commercial bungee jump took place at Kawarau Bridge over the Kawarau River, and today Queenstown is a popular jumping location, with three different sites to choose from. So for your next holiday in New Zealand, try this for something out of the ordinary.

· learn to surf

Surfing is a popular activity for the beginner and the expert alike, and there are places to suit everyone’s competency levels. When you think of surfing, Hawaii may come to mind, and for good reason. Waikiki is a great place to learn, with boards and lessons available on the shore and gentle, long waves out to sea. Australia is another great place to enjoy the waves, particularly Byron Bay, where there are beaches for every ability and a surf school with professional teachers. Alternatively, Newquay is known as being a fantastic surf spot, and holiday cottages in Cornwall make a great base after a tough day’s surfing.With the chance to immerse yourself in nature, get some exercise and see some beautiful sites, no wonder surfing is such a popular thrill seeker’s activity.

· Go mountain biking

So, we’ve all been on a lazy Sunday afternoon bike ride, but this is a little different. The UK is home to some wonderful wilderness retreats, ideal for having a go at mountain biking. Swinley Forest, Cumbria and Fort William in Scotland are prime examples of biking locations, and are also areas of great natural beauty. So there you go, natural beauty combined with exhilarating sporting activities…great reasons to go for a UK holiday.

These are just a few of some of the adventurous activities you could do on a thrill seeking holiday…great if for your next getaway you fancy something other than relaxing by the pool.


Land And Cruise Holidays the Best of Both Worlds


The cruise industry continues to be one of the most stable sectors in the travel market, however, as cruise lines continue to launch new ships, cruisers become more demanding for new options and pricing becomes more competitive, travel agents and cruise specialists are creating an increasingly varied itineraries which incorporate nights at sea, nights ashore, and even at times, nights on trains!

Holidays combining both nights at sea on a cruise ship and nights ashore in a hotel offer the ultimate in relaxation. Travellers can chill out onboard the sundeck of a luxury liner or sun bathe poolside in a top class hotel. Also, the majority of cruise ships offer spa facilities and treatments which often rival those found in some of the finest resorts ashore and the same can be said for many of the hotels which have been packaged into these holidays.

Land and cruise packages are also a great choice for people who haven’t been on a cruise before and may have some concerns about trying this new mode of travel. By selecting this type of holiday, people can pick a short cruise as a ‘taster’ yet still enjoy a longer duration holiday by adding on a hotel based element.

Land and cruise holidays can offer a higher level of flexibility to the traveller as there is the option to create your own dream itinerary and also get the opportunity to visit more places than if you’d stayed just in one resort.

These types of holidays are becoming increasingly popular and therefore the choice available is constantly evolving as more exotic itineraries are created and released into the market. Growing in popularity as destinations which are included in cruise and stay packages are Dubai, the Middle East, the Far East and a whole host of cities in the US and Canada.

There are some options where it is also possible to combine your cruise with a pre-packaged land tour, commonly known as a ‘cruisetour’ and these are especially popular on Alaskan cruise holidays. They offer travellers the opportunity to maximise their holiday experience to this breathtaking region by enjoying a stunning cruise journey through the glaciers with a land tour taking in the beautiful interior scenery or even the Canadian Rockies, both of which are inaccessible by sea.

Some cruise specialists are becoming even more inventive and are now offering a variety of even more exclusive packages. The first of these are holidays which incorporate not only nights onboard a ship and in a hotel but also onboard a sleeper train as the traveller moves from one destination to another. These packages are a fantastic choice for adventurers who want to experience some jaw dropping scenery as they cross countries from one city to another such as a journey across America from Chicago to New York. Some cruise specialists are even packaging up two cruises with different cruise lines, multi-destinations in hotels and even rail travel between land stay night hotels. An example of this would be to take a Cunard Transatlantic crossing from Southampton to New York, spend some nights in the Big Apple, cross the US by train to Miami, relax in a top quality hotel on the famous South Beach for a couple of nights, before returning to the UK in 5 star luxury onboard a Celebrity Cruises vessel.


Colombia, South America


You can now find one of the hidden jewels of South America located split between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Colombia is a land of enchanting rainforests, beautiful beaches, spectacular mountains, a producer of extraordinary emeralds, and of course Colombian rich coffee.

Colombia is a country which is located in northwestern South America bordered to the east by Venezuela and to the north by the Caribbean Sea. With a population of over forty-six million people, Colombia is now the third largest population of any Spanish-speaking country in the world. Internal armed conflicts deterred tourists from visiting Colombia for many years however in recent history numbers have raised sharply thanks to improvements in security with significant increases in military strength and police presence throughout the country which pushed rebel groups further away from the major cities, highways and tourist sites.

Colombia is now safe for travelers with lot’s to discover. The diversity of this country may astonish you with Colonial cities, archaeological ruins, gorgeous Caribbean beaches and even skyscrapers in ultra modern cities.

It has been suggested that the most pleasant time to visit Colombia is in the dry season, between December and March.

Our Airport landing destination is a large beach resort city named Cartagena which has been an important port on the Caribbean since it was founded in 1533 and is said to be the most beautiful city in Colombia, if not all of South America. The average annual high temperature is 32 degrees Celsius or 89 Fahrenheit.

Taking just over five hours by plane to get to Cartagena from Montreal I’ve decided to stay at a Holiday Inn Hotel the night before our departure.

For the price of one room between the four of us I get to park my vehicle safely for two weeks and our breakfast is included before taking the Hotel shuttle to the airport and a ride back upon our return. Just the parking at the Airport would have cost more and I get to start my vacation one day sooner without the hassle and worries of arriving at the airport on time.

First of all if someone in the family doesn’t like the heat I don’t recommend you go to Colombia since it’s even hotter than Central America from my experiences. I was careful by staying two weeks in the shade except when swimming and still got a great tan. The Caribbean Sea is warm and the pools are easy to dip into. We took a city bus tour excursion in Cartagena arriving by boat from the resort and did not feel threatened at any time but the people are always trying to sell you something in the streets. The Isla Del Rosario boat tour was interesting since you get to visit a marine park with a Dolphin show and later get time to walk on another beach called playa Blanca.

We chose the Baru Royal DeCameron all inclusive Beach resort in Colombia costing us under two hundred dollars each per day for 14 nights. Considering the package deal for all you can eat, all you can drink, room, entertainment, airfare which are all included, I figured it was a pretty good deal compared to other destinations.

The Baru Royal DeCameron was built in 2009 and should be considered a four star resort much like the one in El Salvador. It is a two hour trip from the airport and the road just before arriving to the site get’s very rough and seems quite like something out of the stone-age. The rooms are spacious and clean and the food is good but the meal selection begins to repeat after just one week.

The evening shows are mediocre but the New Year festival with a live band and DJ was very entertaining. The entertainment team did a good job with what they had unfortunately the manager seems satisfied in presenting every week the Miss hotel named contest that was perhaps funny more than twenty years ago with busting balloons and drinking games but now is completely out dated for those who have travelled somewhat abroad. Almost all the tourists that I met had been to several other destinations including myself. Many vacationers were staying at the resort for two weeks, some three weeks and surprisingly more than a couple of our new travelling companions would be there a month. I enjoyed the trip but could not see myself staying at this complex for more than two weeks and would not recommend three weeks or more to my friends.

Colombia seems to be back in business for tourists but they still have some catching up to do as far as normal services that we travelers have grown accustomed to especially at the Cartagena airport which are undergoing much-needed renovations.

Author: Phil Claeys


Golfers Holidays


If you love golf and need a holiday or just want one to get away from the stress of everything going on especially in these downturn times that our economy is going through then you should really consider golf holidays. There are so many different golf holidays out there for you to choose from it is going to be a difficult decision to decide on the best place you can go to.

Deciding where your golf holidays are going to take you can be tricky but the key decision should come down to, who is going with you? What do you want to do? Hot or cold? And what kind of golf you want to take part in when you are there. There are many, many different golf resorts to choose from but I think that the main ones that you should look into are in France.

Golf holidays in France are fantastic and the choice here of where to go can be very, very difficult seeing as France boasts 25 of Europe’s top 100 golf course, the great thing about French golf holidays is that there is a fast and reliable transport network to get to the country and around it from almost anywhere in Europe. Pretty much anywhere you go you will be able to find luxurious and cheap hotels and places to stay. Also there are so many different types of restaurants out there as well for you to enjoy.

Even once you have had enough golf for one day you will have the chance to visit one of the most cultural countries in the world meaning that there will never be a time when you are left with nothing to do. There are so many sites and tourist attractions for you to go and see as well as playing some of the best golf in the world.

Another great thing about golf holidays in this part of the world is that you can get there relatively cheaply especially from places such as the UK. Many of the low cost airlines have flights throughout the day to many different parts of France. As well as the constant flights over there is the Euro tunnel which you can use to make a quick journey over as well as being able to take the ferry from many different ports in the UK.

So whether you decide to go for your golf   holidays  for the weekend, week, fortnight or any other length of time you can have no arguments with the  travel  to reach your destination as it is cheap and plentiful.

There are so many amazing courses around the world but as France boasts some of the best of them as well as amazing facilities and often great weather you will want to go again and again until you have got the most out of golf holidays which is very hard to do as there is always something else to try and to get on with and golf is never different so you just want more.

Golf holidays you can also find have many different golfing activities for example. Pitch and putt and driving ranges, these are great places to get up to scratch with your skills on.

Good luck with your golf holidays!


South America Tours


No doubt, South America is one of the hottest tourist spots. South America continually compels people to come and visit. Many say it’s a combination of its incredible climate as well as the profoundness of its history and local cultures. Indeed, South America has more than enough attractions to make tourists return again and again: ancient pyramids, crystal clear blue oceans, white sand, Gothic cathedrals, bustling cities, and active nightlife.

Don’t know where to start? Here are the top-notch spots in South America you cannot afford not to see. Each of them offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The Galapagos Islands is a home to magnificent creatures like the sea iguana and the stunning tortoise species. This island is the basis of Charles Darwin’s “The Origin of Species.” If you like animals and are into hiking, don’t miss this tourist attraction.

In need of spiritual cleansing and tranquility? Then Lake Titicaca will be one of the best stopovers. Lake Titicaca is known to be South America’s largest freshwater body. It lies within the borders of Bolivia and Peru. It is also here that you will find the captivating “Island of the Sun” and the “Floating Islands.” Don’t miss this attraction if you like dark blue waters and mesmerizing clouds.

The numinous and holy place of the Machu Picchu – the Lost City of the Incas – is also one view to behold. The history and dramatic aura of the ruins is enough to give any adventure seeker the time of his life.

You should also visit Patagonia, which is literally referred to as the “land of giants.” You will certainly be captivated by the most unimaginable landscapes in the region. For more hiking adventures, try Torres del Paine national recreational area. You can also go whale watching in Puerto Madryn.


All Inclusive Tenerife Holidays


What do you look for in an all-inclusive holiday? A great place to stay, good food to eat, things to do… and all of this available at great prices. These are exactly the advantages you can look forward to from all-inclusive Tenerife holidays that have become oh so popular with tourists across the globe. With all-inclusive Tenerife Islands, the place attracts tourists from across the globe every year for its wonderful weather and glorious beaches. Most of the island has been covered in glorious tropical forests and the remaining comprises beaches to die for. The picture perfect coastline of Tenerife can leave you spell bound with its long stretches of sand and sunny beaches. The all inclusive Tenerife holidays can add to the excitement as you can simply enjoy the holiday without worrying about managing what to do and where to go. Everything is taken care of from the word go so that you have fun.

You can bask in the sun away from your routine and monotonous lifestyle in the lap of nature at Tenerife. One of the most popular of all Canary Islands, this one is particularly special because of the variety of things it offers. You’ll be happy to enjoy most of them if they are part of your all-inclusive Tenerife holidays because you don’t have to spend anything extra. If you are looking for beach fun then there are the white sandy beaches along with black sand beaches. If you are looking for excitement then you can enjoy the buzzing nightlife at its various pubs, clubs, cabaret and other hot spots. If you want some sports and outdoor refreshment then enjoy golfing and hiking in the large, green and well-maintained lawns. Tieda National Park is the most interesting marvel of Tenerife which cannot be missed. You can witness this dynamic destination in its pristine form. It has been marked as a World Heritage Site. Explore the wilderness during your tramp in this majestic volcanic mountain. With all-inclusive Tenerife holidays you can enthrall in all the lively and exciting experiences it offers.

Spend memorable evenings with your loved one in the magnificent Tenerife Islands. You can visit the famous Aqualand Costa Adeje waterpark and dolphianrium with kids for fun and enjoyment. The Breathing Observation Bubble (BOB) or bob diving is another important sport at Tenerife that you must try to engage in. This is an underwater scooter where you can go diving in the seas even if you are a novice! If you are a foodie, there is some great Spanish food to sample at Tenerife. The dishes have African and Latin American influences such as the gofio (made from toasted cereals) and papas arrugadas (wrinkled potatoes) that are served with delightful mojos. It is also the place for some great sea food such as lobsters, crabs, dorada, mussels and oysters. Make sure all this is part of your all-inclusive Tenerife holidays to enjoy these dishes without shelling out anything extra. What is not included in your all-inclusive Tenerife holidays is shopping! But the place has some great places to shop around. The El Corte Ingles shopping center, which is the ideal place for all shopping lovers and it is located in Santa Cruz. Don’t forget to visit the flea market Rasto where you can lay your hands on some unique and interesting items. If you are fond of historical marvels then you can visit the Castillo de San Juan, a glorious seventeenth century castle. It is reminiscent of the times when African slave trade used to take place. Lago Martiánez is the most enticing lake where you can experience the tranquility and peace of Tenerife.

All-inclusive Tenerife holidays are not only affordable but give you an advantage as your travelling and eating expenses are fairly taken care of. These all-inclusive Tenerife holidays can be extremely rejuvenating. This natural abode can prove to be really a blessing for you. So save and enjoy on a superb Tenerife holiday.


TOP 10 Family Vacation Spots in America


We all need time away from our jobs to spend with our families. In this economy, its difficult to find vacations where you feel relaxed but also not break the bank. Below we have pulled together our Top 10 Family Vacation Sites for the USA. These are excellent family destinations and most are offering some excellent travel bargains.

1. Walt Disney World – Orlando, Florida Disney World is a fantastic vacation for all family members. With 5 theme parks, 2 water parks, Downtown Disney and much more, there is something for everyone here. You will find all Disney parks are very clean, well laid out with lots of places to take a break for a meal. We have been many times and would go back again in a heartbeat – and our son is 14 now.

2. Cruising – Caribbean or Alaska Cruises offer you one of the best vacation experiences for your money. My family loves cruising, mainly because you can travel to many ports-of-call but don’t have to unpack each time.

3. Yellowstone National Park – Wyoming Yellowstone is the best national park my family has visited. The park is enormous but has some of the most beautiful scenery you will ever see. We saw lots of wildlife, including a black bear, which was exciting. My family actually camped here in our RV at Grizzly RV Park, but there are many hotel options. One of the nicest we saw was Old Faithful Inn located right next to the famous geyser.

4. Hawaii – Aloha!! Hawaii is a wonderful chain of islands that is geared for tourists. Each island is different from the next, with the active Kilaeua Volcano on the Big Island, the beaches on Oahu and Maui, and lush scenery on Kauai. Some of our favorite sites included walking near the Kilaeua Volcano, snorkeling at Molokini Crater off of Maui, and driving around the the beautiful Kauai.

5. Washington DC – Washington DC is an excellent family vacation destination. With all of the monuments, the US Capitol, the White House and of course the Smithsonian, there is lots to do here. Remember, all government buildings including all of the Smithsonian museums are completely FREE. TIP: If you want a tour of the White House or access to the Senate and US Congress gallaries, you need to book these in advance with the office of your Senator or member of Congress.

6. Dude Ranches – Bandera, Texas City Slickers here we come. If you kids love the whole cowboy and horses scene then we recommend you consider a vacation at a dude ranch, also known as guest ranches. In Texas, there are several located in the Hill Country but there are ranches all over the USA including Colorado and Wyoming. Your days are filled with horseback riding, pitching horse shoes, trail rides, fishing and of course eating some wonderful country breakfasts and BBQ dinners.

7. Destin, Florida – Destin, Florida has probably the most beautiful beaches in the entire US mainland. We would compare these beaches to the likes of Bermuda and the Caribbean. Destin is a wonderful seaside town about 50 miles east of Pensacola, Florida. The sand is a brilliant white color with clear blue water. There are lots of hotels, condos and several campground to choose from here.

8. Hershey, Pennsylvania – Where better to take your kids to than Hershey, Pennsylvania. This is a small town east of Harrisburg that offers some wonderful vacation options. The town itself is decorated with candy kiss light poles and you can smell chocolate in the air all over town. There is an amusement park called Hershey Park. While in Hershey you should also consider visiting Amish Country in Lancaster County.

9. Boston, Massachusetts – If your family are history buffs then you must head to Boston. Boston has some excellent museums like the Museum of Science which has 500 hands-on exhibits and the Boston’s Children’s Museum. You can also take the Freedom Trail or visit Faneuil Hall which both offer a view of Boston’s history. Oh, and don’t forget to eat some clam chowder… its to die for.

10. Seattle, Washington – You may not think it, but Seattle is a great city to take a family. The downtown area is beautiful and offers some excellent sites like Pike Place Market, the Space Needle and an underground tour showing the city from below. And don’t forget there are tours of the Boeing Everett Factory and the Microsoft Campus.


Cloud Catcher in the Chilean Desert


Chungungo is a fishing village on the Chilean coast, in most respects it is very similar to the many other small communities, strung out along thousands of miles of Pacific coastline, that depend on small scale fishing for their survival.

But Chungungo is the site of an ingenious invention, the “atrapanieblas” or “mist-catcher”, that has been copied around the world as a means of obtaining fresh water in areas where there is next to no rain and no ground water.

It is a place that I have visited many times and enjoy stopping at if I am passing through the region of Coquimbo, more commonly known by its unimaginative administrative name, the 4th Region. As you travel up the Pan-American Highway, that runs the length of South America, the mist-catcher is visible on top of the coastal hills that surround and isolate Chungungo.

It is this isolation that spawned the ingenious system. The village had no source of fresh water, so before the mist-catcher was implemented water had to be brought to the remote village by road.

The road to the top of the hills winds up a gravel road past an abandoned Iron mine to the mist-catchers. The system comprises a line of large Rashell nets, each about 100m2 that look like giant tennis nets. Although the area has very little rain fall, the hill tops are frequently cloaked in a sea fog called “camanchaca”. As the mist passes through the nets it condenses and runs down the nets into collecting trays and into a pipe that supplies Chungungo with drinking water. The system provides approximately 13,000 litres of water per day.

From high above the Pacific by the mist-catcher the only sound is that of water trickling off to the lonely village of Chungungo below – a reminder of how ingenuity can provide inexpensive life improving solutions.