Travel Guide – The Best Way to Plan Your Holiday

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Holidays form a very important part of our lives because they recharge our batteries and refresh us completely. The only thing that can lighten us up and invigorate our spirit to work and live life dynamically is a holiday. Not just that, a holiday is something that helps us better understand the place we are visiting; there may be so many things we wouldn’t have known about the place if not for the visit. Most of all, it helps us build memories, which stay with us and probably never fade away until we become extinct. Furthermore, holidays bring us back on track and help us keep the momentum going once again with a new, rejuvenated and vibrant spirit. As humans, it is highly essential for us to take regular breaks from packed and hectic life schedules and enjoy the precious moments that a holiday brings about.

The travel guide can simplify the planning part of a holiday. It gives information pertinent to the destination and its various features. For instance, if you are planning a trip to Goa and you want to know the major tourist attractions, the answer can be got by looking up in a travel guide. Not only that, a travel guide also contains information about the various hotels that are located in the particular destination. For tourists, travel guides have come very much in handy and have helped in developing an understanding towards the various aspects about destination that is being visited. Referring a travel guide is a trend that is widely followed these days.

Travel guides are often documented by travel agencies. Since they deal with helping people enjoy their vacations in different places round the world, these agencies have an in depth knowledge about major and minor tourist destinations. Travel agencies are the best way to obtain travel information and the attractive aspects of a particular place you want to visit. Travel agencies also suggest places that can be visited on the basis of your preferences and priorities. The travel information about a particular place is provided by travel agencies and these agencies also take care of transport and accommodation services. Travels agencies have tie ups with the hospitality industry, both working in mutual coordination in order to promote their own services and increase their brand value. So remember, if you decide to go on a holiday to a particular place, approaching travel agencies is the best option since these agencies provide full travel information of the place you’d be visiting.

Traveling round the world is an exciting prospect and provides something very different when compared to visiting different places in your native country. For one, the culture is completely different and so are the people. Interacting with locals in a different country is as exciting as visiting the attractions there. You can travel world round and enjoy the sights, the cuisines and the wonderful locales which foreign countries can provide. A good source of information about international destinations is travel world magazine. The travel world agencies also give detailed information about the most sought after tourist attractions in the world.


5 Most Popular Things to Do in Panama


Animal-lovers and nature enthusiasts may consider Panama to be heaven on land. This is because Panama has a lot to offer when it comes to different animal species and environmental tourist attractions. Whether you want to explore more of nature, view various species of animals, or just relax and enjoy your vacation, you will surely find something to do in Panama that will satisfy your cravings. So as you board your cheap Central America flights, prepare yourselves for the paradise that Panama is and get ready to choose from a handful of activities that you can do.

  • Ecotourism – A number of rain forest reserves and national parks in Panama allows tourists to learn more about tropical plants and ecosystems, and have the opportunity to view them in real life. Furthermore, birdwatching is one of Panama’s specialties, as well. Thanks to its convenient location between two continents, hundreds of species of birds inhabit the country. The Panama Audubon Society also holds numerous world records for most species of birds seen in one day, which is over 400 species! So if you’d want to explore various ecosystems, travel to Central America and head on to Panama to fulfill your desire.
  • Tree Canopy Adventure – This is one way to enjoy the green scenery that Panama’s tropical rain forests offer. It is a thrilling activity wherein the tourist is fastened onto a harness and gets swung from one tree to another through a zip line. A nice means to get that adrenaline rush by viewing “green” stuff (literally).
  • Panama Canal Boat Trips – One of the top tourist attractions in the country is the Panama Canal, which connects the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Boat trips and tours are available for tourists to view the huge vessels moving through the canal locks. During a boat trip, various animals like crocodiles and birds living along the banks and in the surrounding jungles can also be observed. You may avail of Central America travel deals to book for a boat tour on the Panama Canal.
  • Water sports – Like other countries in Central America, Panama also offers various water-related activities. Panama has some of the best reefs in the region, which makes it a great place to go diving and snorkeling. Meanwhile, some of Panama’s rivers like the Chiriquí and Chiriquí Viejo rivers are also great for whitewater rafting. Waves in some of Panama’s beaches are also exceptional, as they can go up to 4.5 meters, making it perfect for surfing. So if you want to spend your Latin America travel doing water sports, you definitely won’t go wrong with Panama.
  • Horseback Riding – Exploration in Panama doesn’t necessarily have to be boring or tiring. You can take a horseback riding trip to go to Baru Volcano or just to voyage through Panama’s mountainous Chiriquí province whose undomesticated setting provides a natural habitation for horses and cattle. Nevertheless, horseback riding is a great means to do some journeying on your Latin America travel.

Those mentioned above are just some of the dozens of activities that you can do in Panama. In reality, the best way to make the most out of your cheap Central America travel is to discover more things to do and places to go to. Although travel deals are available to help you find top tourist attractions, it is still a good idea to investigate on your own and unravel the wonders that the country has to offer.

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Trekking in South America


South America’s most famous trek is the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, now heavily regulated with limited numbers of permits due to its enduring popularity – and it is a stunningly beautiful as well as challenging four day trek, albeit one that attracts many people along its route with numbers now being strictly limited each day.

For those who love to lace up their boots and grab a rucksack but want a more remote location, there are some absolutely breath-taking walks all over South & Central America worth considering. Peru trekking holidays can offer treks to Inca sites such as Choquequirao as well as other civilisations such as Kuelap or the stunning remote traditional communities of the Apu Ausangate. I will happily advise on some great alternatives for keen walkers, being a fan myself of using my own two feet to explore and slow down the pace a little. And of course if you prefer a little more comfort, I can recommend some beautiful mountain lodge to lodge treks along quieter and alternative routes to Machu Picchu such as the Lares or Salkantay trails.

Chapada Diamantina National Park, west of Brazil’s Salvador de Bahia is a truly awe-inspiring landscape ideal for trekking with its verdant table-top mountains, waterfalls, underground lakes, and caves. What about combining a visit to the Glaciers National Park in the stunning rugged wilderness of southern Patagonia with a few days spent in El Chalten where your hiking guide will take you walking past remote glacial valleys towards Mt Fitzroy or spend time across the border in Chile trekking the W circuit around Torres del Paine National Park. You could also combine your trekking adventure in this region with a chance to track one of South America’s most elusive wild cats, the puma.

Heading further north into Ecuador brings you to the stunning peaks of the ‘Avenue of the Volcanoes’, where we can suggest a beautiful new trekking programme where you can take on some of this small country’s more challenging peaks as well as experiencing stays in delightful small, locally run haciendas and lodges, perhaps combined with a more relaxed journey aboard the newly re-opened train line between Quito and Guayaquil on the coast. If you like the thought of combining iconic rail journeys with using your own two feet, then you could also venture northwards again to Mexico. After journeying by train through the Copper Canyon, get off and take to pathways deep into the canyon to remote settlements of native Tarahumara Indians.

The list goes on and on. It’s important not only be able to discover a great list of active adventures, but also ensure the little details of your journey all go to plan.


Experience a New England Autumn on a Fly Drive Holiday to Boston


This region is ideal to explore by car as the mercury begins to drop, as the autumn is when the vibrant foliage is at its finest.

Autumn leaves blanket the east coast landscape with colourful splashes of red and gold – and on a fly drive holiday, you can take in as much scenery as you like at your leisure.

Boston is the best place to begin your New England fly drive holiday. While it is arguably best known for its academic achievements – the city is home to Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, both of which offer free tours – Boston is also a hub of culture, a historic centre and a great place to spend a few days exploring.

You might want to begin your stay with a visit to the quirky Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall, taking time to sample some of the delicious east coast seafood on offer. If you’re a runner, you may want to lace up your trainers and run a portion of the world-famous 26-mile Boston Marathon route – although you will also have plenty of opportunities to stretch your legs with a spot of retail therapy at one of the city’s fine shopping establishments.

From Boston, it is a short drive to many other New England attractions. Whether you’re keen to see the culture of Rhode Island, New Hampshire’s scenic mountains, Maine’s famous shorelines or the mansions of Cape Cod, you are only a 90-minute car ride away. Best of all, in the autumn months, you are guaranteed to pass through gorgeous patches of fall foliage, setting the ideal backdrop for your holiday.

Known as the Bay State, Massachusetts extends from the gently rolling Berkshire Hills through the Connecticut River Valley and on to Cape Cod and the rocky North Shore. Along your drive, you will pass through several pretty towns and villages, where you can take time to stop off, go exploring and meet some of the friendly locals.

If you are a history buff, you may want to visit the site of the start of the 1775 American Revolution. One good place to stop is the North Bridge Visitor Center in Concord, from which you can take the Liberty Ride hop-on, hop-off trolley service to many historic Revolutionary War sites. The first shots of the revolution were fired in Concord and Lexington and are chronicled at the Minuteman Historical Park Visitor Center in Lincoln, which is also worth a stop as you continue on your travels.

If you’re travelling through New England with young children, you might want to stop off at a real-life pumpkin patch. In addition to the fun your family can have choosing their own pumpkin and seeing how they grow, you also may be lucky enough to sample a classic all-American dessert – pumpkin pie!

Your young ones can also take the opportunity to learn about life in rural New England nearly 200 years ago by visiting the harvest-themed attractions at Old Sturbridge Village. The attraction depicts Massachusetts life in the 1830s, with a total of 40 historic buildings on the site. At certain times of the year, you will be able to take in demonstrations such as sheep-shearing, but other attractions – such as an old school house and a shoemaker’s workshop – are open year-round.

Theatre lovers will also find plenty to keep them entertained during a fly drive trip to New England. Culture vultures may wish to schedule their visit around the Berkshire Theater Festival in Stockbridge, which dates back more than 80 years and is one of the oldest regional theatrical events in the United States. You may also find it worthwhile to visit the Norman Rockwell museum, also located in Stockbridge, for an additional theatre fix.

A fly drive   holiday  in the US is the best way to explore at your own pace – no matter where you choose to  travel , you are sure to see some of the best sites New England has to offer. No matter if you’re after a taste of authentic American autumn or are keen to get a closer look at the region’s historic past, your road trip could be the discovery of a lifetime.


Ticket to America’s Hottest, Hippest Holiday Destination


Carrie observed in the ‘Sex and the City’ that “New York is all about sex. People getting it, People trying to get it, People who can’t get it. No wonder the city never sleeps”. Undoubtedly, many would nod in unison but the above captures only one aspect of the city. Exciting, Electrifying, Bizarre…New York never fails to mesmerize its visitors. Being an intriguing blend of people and cultures the city enjoys an incredible appeal amongst visitors streaming in from all corners of the world.

An air ticket to New York would unravel the enduring charm of this iconic city that is truly the gateway to America. Synonymous with New York, the Statue of Liberty stands as a shining example of America’s freedom struggle and it welcomes its visitors who come to explore the city. A drive through the brightly illuminated Brooklyn Bridge after sundown is sure to be an exhilarating experience. Stop by at the Times Square for a few minutes and watch people from all nationalities walk past you revealing the multi-ethnic, multi-cultural character of this city. Take time out to visit the historic Lincoln Centre and the many shops of the majestic Rockefeller Plaza.

A bike ride through the Central Park is sure to be an unforgettable experience. Hugely popular amongst tourists ‘Central Park Bike Tours’ are sure to provide the excitement you and your family crave for. Tackle the huge waves on its sparkling coastline that are just ideal for snorkelling and scuba-diving. With its diverse landscapes the city is a haven for adventure enthusiasts who can indulge in mountaineering, biking and other adventure sports.

Economical air tickets to New York aplenty during the festive season and once you are here head to the ritzy malls of this city that offer the best of haute couture and haute cuisine. Drawing shoppers to its fold, Macy’s, Madison Avenue, Fifth Avenue enclose high street brands like Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, DKNY.

New York’s cosmopolitan character ensures that the city is a treasure trove of cuisines from all across the world. Serving a vast smorgasbord of dishes delis, fast food joints, fine-dining restaurants in the city offer a feast for the senses. Adding to the experience is ice-cream parlours, tea, coffee joints that are just right for intimate conversations or to unwind after work. Sail into New York next summer and you are sure to remain hooked to this city for long.


Holiday Travel Buttoned Up


Whether by train, plane, or automobile, it’s very likely that you and your family will be traveling this holiday season. Sadly one thing is certain: you won’t be alone! During the next few weeks, it is estimated that over 38 million Americans will be traveling to reunite with friends and loved ones. So before you find yourself stuck in traffic or delayed at the airport, take a few moments and consider these tips as you plan your travel for the upcoming holiday season.

Sarah on “Lighten You Load”

“I will never forget the first time I had to travel quite a distance for the holidays. Trying to be the consummate guest, I packed all of the wrapped presents to take with me on a six-hour flight. Well, you live and learn! When I arrived at my destination (after a layover in Atlanta), I was presented with the seriously depressing sight of smashed gifts as most of the presents had been roughed up in transit. The best way to avoid having your gifts arrive in less than perfect shape is to ship them ahead of time. Most shipping companies, even the USPS these days, allow you to choose a particular arrival date and track your precious package’s every move online.”

Alicia on “Kid Proof Your Trip”

“No matter how bad the traffic or how long you are waiting in an airport, the situation could always be worse if your kids are unhappy during the extent of your travels. So if you want to avoid the endless “are we there yet” mantra, make a plan to kid proof your trip. To keep our four-year-old daughter happy during travel, we always give her something to look forward to. If we travel by plane, I put together a kid kit with new crayons, stickers, and coloring books for her to open up after take-off. If by car, my husband and I always schedule at least one “kid-friendly” stop, either to a scenic stop on the highway or a farmer’s stand to pick up some home baked goodies.”

The Big Haul

Here are three tips to keep in mind when traveling this holiday season.

#1: Add It Up

With the increased number of travelers, and because you have more important things to worry about besides running late, it is always a clever move to allow yourself extra time to get just about anywhere during the holiday season. Whether you are traveling to and from the airport, train station, or dinner at the relatives, make sure to apply the “holiday time factor” to your trip and allow yourself a reasonable amount of extra time to get to your destination.

#2: Check Off the Check In

While you may not be able to control the amount of time it takes to get to the airport this holiday season, there are ways to ensure you will spend less time at the hectic hub. Forego the endless lines at the airports and check in online. Most airlines now allow passengers to check in and print boarding passes online within 24 hours of departure. Using online check in will not only save you time, but will have you feeling like a VIP as you bypass the lines and board your flight sans the hassle.

#3: Be in the Know

Over the past few years, airline restrictions on carry on luggage have undergone rapid changes, sometimes on a week-to-week basis. So before you pack, take a moment to check with your airline carrier as to what, and more importantly, how much of an item are you allowed to bring with you on the flight. Being up-to-date on “no fly” items definitely beats having to hand over your most cherished and discontinued moisturizer to airport security!


Three National Parks to Visit During Adventurous America Holidays


The USA is home to 393 national parks, meaning there are plenty of destinations to choose from when planning adventure holidays across the Atlantic.

You can expect to find some stunning countryside and unusual wildlife in the parks, along with the kind of testing terrain that you will be keen to tackle if you are an intrepid holidaymaker.

But, whether you are taking a two-week holiday or planning a gap year in the USA, some of the national parks standout as perfect destinations.

Head just about as far north as is possible in the States and you will find Denali National Park. There are very few parts of Alaska that don’t feel like a wilderness, but it is difficult to think of a place where you can get further away from everyday life and enjoy some solitude than this beautiful park.

The best-known part of the park is Mount McKinley, which at 20,320 ft is the highest mountain in North America. Its snow-capped peak dominates the skyline, but if you look a little lower down you will find plenty of other picturesque areas in this vast park.

Much of the landscape is covered by forests, but you will also discover some tranquil lakes and fast-flowing rivers. It is a great place for a camping trip, while there are plenty of good routes for hiking and mountain biking, as well as opportunities for some thrilling white water rafting.

While you are exploring Denali National Park you are sure to encounter some wildlife you are unlikely to see at home. Look skyward for golden eagles and tundra swans, while the forests and mountains provide a home for fearsome grizzly bears and wolves, along with pikas, caribou and arctic ground squirrels.

If you are a lover of wildlife, you are also likely to find that Yellowstone National Park is a great place to visit during  America   holidays . Located in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, this huge expanse of mountain and forest provides a perfect habitat for a wide range of species.

It is most famous for its bears, but you may also see bison, moose, lynx, mountain lions, pronghorn, deer and bighorn sheep. More than 300 bird species live in the park, including bald eagles, peregrine falcons, great northern loons and harlequin ducks.

Set up camp and explore a little of Yellowstone’s 3,470 square miles and you will soon understand why the US government decided to act to conserve the area by making it the world’s first national park back in 1872.

The landscape boasts more than 70 mountains with peaks above 8,000 ft, together with vast forests. The park is famed for its geothermal features, so don’t be surprised to encounter some areas with spectacular geysers, along with hot springs, mudpots and steam vents.

As you enjoy a day or two of trekking through the park you will also see some of its many waterfalls, together with its two major rivers – Yellowstone and Snake – which both offer opportunities for rafting and kayaking.

Equally spectacular, but very different is Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. Home to one of the world’s most-famous natural attractions, it is visited by millions of sightseers every year, along with holidaymakers looking for adventure.

The Grand Canyon has been carved by the Colorado River over millions of years and is now 277 miles long, as well as being more than a mile deep and 18 miles wide in places. It boasts some stunning rock formations and the kind of scenery you would not see anywhere else in the world.

One way to enjoy the view is by booking a light aircraft or helicopter trip over the canyon, but if you feel like doing something a little more active, there are other ways to explore the park.

A river rafting expedition will provide you with a completely different perspective on the canyon and its waterfalls, caverns, rapids and washes. As part of their conservation work park authorities have placed a strict limit on the number of people they allow to embark on rafting trips, so it is a good idea to book your journey well in advance.

You can also hike through the Grand Canyon itself, but you will need to be well equipped as it takes a couple of days to walk from the rim down to the river and back up again. Alternatively you could take a dawn or dusk hike along the south rim to enjoy the spectacular sunrises and sunsets.


Holidays in the Algarve


With a history that includes Phoenician, Roman and Moorish settlement, the Algarve is a unique and diverse region of Portugal with a genuine identity and charm. Its appeal is helped by its weather and of course its geography, with over a hundred beaches and some beautiful inland regions. The Algarve region also boasts an amazing lagoon called the Ria Formossa, an interesting nature reserve that also includes some great beaches and fun things to do for the many visitors that go there.

Many of Europe’s best beaches can be found on the Algarve. The 200-kilometre coastline includes a range of great beaches, including some idyllic coves for peaceful days to great golden sweeps of sand that will delight surfers, swimmers and those who just want to play all day. Whether you want an action packed holiday in a popular resort or a place to rest up in the sun with space and time to explore the coastline, the choices in the Algarve are almost endless.

For windsurfing and sailing, head to Meia Praia in the Lagos area of the Algarve, a popular beach with locals and visitors alike. Like all of the Algarve, the summers in Lagos are not too hot while the winters are especially mild, and this well situated and easy to access beach has plenty of stylish bars and restaurants nearby to refresh yourself after a day on the beach.

Lovers of swimming should head for the nearby Dona Ana, which has some spectacular rock formations that rise impressively from the clear blue waters. Summer music concerts are frequently held during the summer months at Praia da Batata. What is striking about the Algarve coast is that it’s not just all about sun and sand, but that the cliffs, the small bays, the lagoons are spectacularly beautiful as well. This essence of geology, countryside and tradition is what gives Algarve holidays their unique appeal and charm. The Algarve has thousands of great villas to hire so those seeking the best of everything are well catered for.

Another great way to discover the Algarve is by cycling. The advantages of cycling are that there is simply no better way, other than perhaps by going on one of many coastal and inland walks to explore and experience the Algarve countryside. Whether you want to hire a cycle and go off in your own group or join one of many organised cycle tours, the bike-friendly climate and beautiful scenery should make this a perfect starter to action packed holidays in the Algarve.

For places to stay there is plenty to choose from, with Algarve villas ranging from the traditional styles to the contemporary and always close to the beach for your water sports based holiday. From the tall tower blocks of the cities to the white washed old coastal fishing towns and the hidden, sun-soaked mountain villages, staying in the Algarve is a real and comfortable experience. The cuisine, as one would expect from any region that enjoys rich fertile valleys of olives, almonds and oranges, as well as a warm climate, is made from fresh and deliciously prepared regional produce. Dishes using produce from the sea are a speciality, with dishes like caldeirada – a fish stew – a special treat, especially after a day on, or in, the water.

Travelling to the Algarve is easy. Flights to the Algarve are regular from the UK, and there are a great range of stylish and top class places to stay. Whether you want to sail, snorkel, kayak, play golf, cycle or surf, the Algarve is geared up for fun playing and classy living.


How to Backpack and Travel Safely in South America


Becoming a victim of crime is a possibility no matter where you travel nowadays – even when you stay at home! However, being aware of some of the popular scams and tricks that criminals and opportunists use to victimize tourists can help avoid problems that could ruin a good trip.

South America is a popular destination for world travellers and especially for backpackers, adventure enthusiasts and those taking a gap year. The country certainly has plenty to offer and a wonderful variety of landscapes from tropical beaches to the spectacular Andes Mountains, Amazon rainforest, Iguazu Falls, active volcanoes, and fascinating wildlife of the Galapagos Islands. Many travellers choose to take in the exciting and colourful fiestas and carnivals, or visit the sites of ancient civilizations. (Tip: To avoid disappointment, tickets to visit the Inca Trail and ruins at Machu Picchu should be purchased in advance).

The best travel advice is to do lots of research and set off armed with as much knowledge as possible. Take a quality guide book and Spanish and Portuguese phrase books. Chances are that nothing bad will happen but, unfortunately, travellers are vulnerable and criminals know it. They will take any opportunity to separate you from your money and possessions! The most common crimes anywhere in the world involve theft and pickpockets and theft of passports is a huge problem worldwide. Care should be taken in places where it is easy to be distracted and forget to watch your belongings, such as airports, internet cafes, on public transport or while renting a car. Avoid using public transport at night or walking alone at night in isolated areas.

Thieves have been known to target tourists by pretending to be police officers, tour operators, taxi drivers, or other officials (for example, a real police officer will never ask to see your wallet!) Taxis should be booked in advance with a reputable company, when possible. So called ‘express kidnappings’ are a problem in some areas where victims have been held captive and their bank accounts emptied before they are released. Female travellers should be especially cautious, especially when walking alone at night, on public transport, and in isolated areas, as rapes have been reported. Be on guard also for spiking of drinks – a problem which has become more prevalent. Avoid accepting drinks from strangers, leaving drinks unattended, and make sure that they are poured in plain view.

Be aware that many shops, bars, restaurants, and hotels may not accept credit cards in South American countries. Watch for counterfeit money and bogus ATM machines. In Peru, in particular, some ATM machines do not release credit and debit cards automatically unless a button is pushed – and instructions are not always written in English! It goes without saying that travellers should avoid all contact with illegal drugs or drug trafficking as the penalties are severe, involving imprisonment for long periods in extremely unpleasant conditions.

All travellers, especially those with pre-existing medical conditions, should have a thorough check-up and necessary vaccinations before leaving home. Diseases like yellow fever, dengue fever, cholera, and malaria are problematic in many areas. Evidence of valid inoculations may be required to  travel  between some countries in South  America .

The above tips are just a sample of the knowledge travellers should be armed with before setting off. The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office ‘Know before You Go’ campaign is an excellent resource for travellers. Their ‘Travel Advice by Country’ section contains current travel updates and advisories and the Travellers Checklist is another useful tool. Young travellers should pay attention to their Gap Year information. Avoid attracting the attention of police, keep the locals happy, and impress your travel companions with your awareness of local customs, laws and expected etiquette for each country.

Adventure travellers and adrenalin junkies will find plenty of outdoor activities and thrills. Activities like kayaking, white water rafting, surfing, hiking, mountain biking and mountaineering are popular. Care should be taken to ensure that the correct travel insurance policy is purchased which will provide cover for any potentially hazardous sports activities. Chile and Argentina are popular destinations for downhill skiing during the UK summer months and, again; don’t forget that additional insurance coverage may be needed.

Many areas in South America are remote with limited access to good emergency medical facilities. If a medical emergency should arise, medical care or evacuation and repatriation may be necessary. Without comprehensive travel insurance the costs could be astronomical and mean the end of any further world travel plans for a very long time!


Facts and Travel Tips for Dominican Republic Holidays


Are you fond of the beach, great scenery, swimming, snorkeling, tennis, or golf? If you do the Dominican Republic Holidays is just the perfect getaway for you. You can also hike, climb up the mountain, visit historical spots, or simply laze around in your hotel room while enjoying the unique Caribbean atmosphere.

The Dominican Republic ranks second in the list of the biggest countries in the Caribbean. The region is also considered as one the most affordable places to have a holidays.

The weather here is generally excellent all throughout the year and its culture is sort of diverse with a unique touch of Latin. The peak season in this island runs from Christmas time to spring as this is when the weather is the driest. Now, in order to avail of the best rates for your vacation, it is a good idea to reserve your visit during summer months or late spring time. September to October (fall season) is also the best time to get lower rates.

Things to do in the island

Various water sports and boating activities are just two of the best things that you can do while on vacation. As a guest in the island, you can rent kayaks, boats, windsurfers, and catamarans. You can also opt to try the Sunset cruise which is a popular activity in DR.

Things to see/visit

If you are a sports buff, you can sit and watch professional baseball players as they practice during off-season starting October to January.

Next, you can drop by Santo Domingo. This is listed as one of the oldest cities in the world so there are nice historical sites to see and marvel at. Santo Domingo is also the capital of Dominica Republic. Despite being old, the city has many modern cafés, restaurants, and shops which lined the cobblestone streets being illuminated by the old-fashioned gas lamps.

Of course, your Dominican Republic holidays will not be complete without visiting the world famous beaches along the eastern coast of the Caribbean island. At Punta Cana, the stretch of immaculate white beach sand is around 20 miles.

Transportation while on vacation in DR

You can arrange transportation as soon as you arrived at the airport. This arrangement will make your transfers more convenient and hassle-free. Once you book for this service, from the airport, you will be fetched and brought straight to your hotel.

Vehicles to be used can vary depending on your chosen scheme. There are taxis or private car services to choose from and this will make your travel around the island even more enjoyable since you will have non-stop transfers. The private vehicles available include cars, mini-vans, and 4-wheel jeeps.

Over-all, the private transfers in the Dominican Republic already include transfers from airport to hotel. The driver here is usually English speaking so there will be no problem with communication. Luggage assistance and endless supply of bottled water while in the vehicle is also included in the transportation service package deal.

Keep these facts and tips in mind so that you will have a perfect Dominican Republic holiday. Then again, make sure that your choices go well with your budget so you will minimize overspending and just enjoy the whole vacation thing.